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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 adds Ventrue as fourth playable clan
4:35 pm

Publisher Paradox Interactive and developer The Chinese Room have revealed Venture as the fourth playable …



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I hope GTA 6’s Vice City embraces the mundane
4:30 pm

Rockstar has released a 90-second GTA 6 trailer! Wowee! No seriously, ignoring my cynicism for a second, it does look really impressive. As I mentioned in our RPS reacts piece, I’m genuinely excited by the prospect of a renewed Vice City and you bet I’ll be there for the inevitable five-minute narrated trailer that begins with a person saying, “Welcome to Vice City”.

There’s no doubt Vice City is going to be dense and chaotic, going by all the twerking and the social media parodies of real life Florida folks. But really, I do hope that Rockstar doesn’t just reserve next-gen’s horsepower for wildness. I want some peace, some quiet, some innocuous suburbs to laze around in. That would be nice.

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